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Connected Repair

Connected repair
Connected repair visual
  • Connected repair
  • Connected repair visual

Be more efficient and profitable with Bosch Connected Repair, which digitally connects service equipment, vehicle data, technicians and customer-facing staff to share service and repair information.

Bosch Connected Repair connects test equipment and reception for quicker workshop processes. Service tasks are defined directly at the reception desk with the customer and directly transmitted to the equipment at the repair floor, where the technicians will perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. Vehicle identification is done only once and the technicians can concentrate on their tasks. All results and even pictures are electronically documented and will be returned and saved in the locally installed server.

All connected staff can seamlessly and simultaneously see a live workshop schedule and the status of each job in an instant.

Using Bosch Connected Repair will mean you spend less time with each car, enabling more services and inspections through your workshop, every single day.

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