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Bosch eXchange Denoxtronic supply module

Bosch eXchange Denoxtronic supply module 0
Ensure efficient exhaust-gas treatment: The Denoxtronic supply modules from the Bosch eXchange program undergo a stringent release process. They provide a high-quality alternative for value-based vehicle repair, thanks to their excellent price-performance ratio.
Features and Benefits:
  • Strict functional and quality tests identical to OE specifications: For high quality and reliable performance
  • Bosch eXchange Denox supply modules incorporate only genuine new parts into the series-remanufacturing process to provide a high quality product with a comprehensive range and high market coverage
  • Technological progress realised on original parts is also incorporated into the series remanufacturing of Bosch eXchange Denoxtronic supply modules
  • In the case of Bosch eXchange remanufactured Denoxtronic supply modules, critical components and worn parts are replaced by new genuine Bosch high quality components. All other components are tested, remanufactured professionally or replaced by new ones if required: To achieve a long service life
  • Compared to the production of new parts, remanufacturing reduces the use of raw materials: This saves resources and thus protects the environment
  • Bosch eXchange products are more cost-effective than products from the Bosch new parts program while offering the same warranty: For economical repairs based on the vehicles’ current value
  • Sturdy packaging: Optimum protection against damages during the delivery or core return of Bosch eXchange products
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