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Denoxtronic filters

Denoxtronic filters 0
Support optimum AdBlue dosing and protection of the Denoxtronic injection system in commercial and off-highway vehicles: Bosch Denoxtronic filters reliably separate particles from the AdBlue solution.
Features and Benefits:
  • Microporous filter media with special resin impregnation: Provides excellent filter efficiency and tensile strength
  • Large filter surface area with a high particle holding capacity: Contributes to a long service life and reduced flow resistance
  • High-quality materials: Improved chemical resistance from an aggressive AdBlue solution
  • Designed with compressible compensation elements: Prevents damage to the filter and supply module with improved frost resistance
  • Compensation element with sealing function: Ensures tightness between cover and housing of the supply module of Denoxtronic 2.2 and 6.5
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