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Sensors (11)

Air mass meter

Support efficient fuel combustion and powerful engine performance: Bosch air mass meters measure the actual air-mass flow and transmit these readings to the ECU.

Camshaft sensor

Determine the position of the camshaft with high measurement accuracy: Bosch camshaft sensors support precise injection/ignition timing.

Crankshaft sensor

Determine the rotation speed of the crankshaft with high measurement accuracy: Bosch crankshaft sensors support precise injection/ignition timing.

Differential pressure sensor

Support engine performance and the vehicle's fuel economy: Bosch differential pressure sensors accurately measure the differential pressure of the particle filter and provides the ECU with precise charge status feedback.

Knock sensor

Highly accurate and sensitive: Bosch knock sensors reliably and precisely detect engine knocking, thus supporting the engine's performance and durability.

Manifold and boost pressure sensor (MAP)

Perform fast and precise pressure and temperature measurements of a combustion engine’s intake air: Bosch manifold and boost pressure sensors enable accurate management of the fuel supply and optimisation of untreated emissions.

NOx Sensor - Nitrogen oxide sensor

For efficient exhaust-gas treatment: Bosch NOx sensors allow secure regulation and monitoring of exhaust after-treatment.

Oil pressure sensor

For the rapid and highly precise measurement of fuel and oil pressure: Bosch oil sensors are compatible with every kind of engine (gasoline, diesel, CNG & LPG) and transmission.

Particulate matter sensor

Reliable technology: The Bosch Particulate matter sensor is used to monitor the function of the diesel particle filter and helps reduce particulate emissions.

Temperature sensor

For trouble-free engine operation: Bosch temperature sensors maintain optimal engine performance by measuring the temperature of fuel, water, oil and air.

Throttle position sensor

Measure throttle position and angle with accuracy and efficiency: Bosch throttle position sensors are installed at the throttle valve to determine its position and angle.