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Gasoline Parts (5)

High-pressure injector for gasoline direct injection

High-pressure injectors from Bosch are key components in gasoline direct injection systems. The injector meter and atomize the fuel very rapidly and at high pressure for an optimized mixture formation directly in the combustion chamber. As one of the preferred GDI system supplier for vehicle manufacturers, Bosch offers a broad market coverage.

High-pressure pump

High-pressure pump from Bosch is a key component in gasoline direct injection systems. The pump delivers reliably the fuel at the required pressure up to 350 bar to the injection system. It is usually driven by the camshaft. As one of the preferred GDI system supplier for vehicle manufacturers, Bosch offers a broad market coverage.

Ignition cable

For strong and reliable spark energy: Bosch Ignition Cables transmit high voltage from the ignition system to the spark plugs with minimum energy loss.

Ignition coil

The ignition coil transforms the electrical energy from the vehicle battery into high voltage, saves it briefly and then emits it as a high voltage current pulse to the spark plug. For this purpose, the battery voltage is transformed into a high voltage exceeding 30 000 volts. As a worldwide leading supplier of ignition components, Bosch provides a wide range of ignition coils including: Compact ignition coils, Pencil ignition coils, Multi-spark ignition coils.

Injector for manifold-injection system

The gasoline manifold fuel injection is the most popular system for gasoline engines worldwide. The fuel injector is installed at the intake manifold before the inlet valve and supplies the engine reliably with the fuel quantity required for the respective operating conditions.
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