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Technical improvements and new trolleys for FSA 740 and BEA 950

Bosch FSA 48-volt

Test 12-volt and 48-volt systems with only one device

Bosch has technically enhanced its vehicle system analysis for FSA 720 and FSA 740 and thus adapted it to the increasing use of 48-volt on-board systems in modern passenger cars. The result is a measuring system including test routines for 48-volt vehicle on-board systems and components as well as for 12-volt vehicle on-board systems - all in a single device. Over the next few years, more and more manufacturers will equip their cars with 48-volt systems, mostly for recuperation. This is why the 48-volt measuring function is becoming increasingly important for workshops.

FSA 740 trolley application

Special measurement technology and test routines

In addition to a system reducing the measurement voltage, the devices are equipped with highly insulated measurement adapters and clamps as well as insulated sensors. The software has special integrated test instructions for 48-volt systems. The FSA 7-series thus meets the current EN 61010 technical standard and allows safe working on 48-volt on-board electrical systems.

Older FSA versions can be upgraded via software update, adapters and matching measurement accessories.

new diagnostic trolley for FSA and BEA

Robust trolley, new design

In addition to the technically enhanced FSA 7-series vehicle system analysis, workshops now also benefit from the numerous improvements to the new trolley. Bosch has further developed its trolley and adapted it to the application-specific market requirements. It is not only used for FSA vehicle system analysis, but also in the BEA 950 emission tester and diagnostic trolleys. Optically, the new trolley differs from its predecessor in its dark gray color. Everyday workshop life can be rough sometimes, which is why Bosch has made the new trolley particularly robust.

emission inspection BEA 950

Easy to file, better to recognize

It is often hectic in the workshop. Therefore, a technician always needs to know what is where. As before, all equipment and accessories have their place on the trolley. Practical storage surfaces offer a lot of space for example for documents. Practical, tidy, ready to hand.

New is the 24-inch screen, which is wider than its predecessor. As the technician sits inside the vehicle during the emission isinspection, it is important that the info on the screen is easily readable even from a larger distance.

emission inspection with the new BEA 950

New printer for more efficiency

Instead of the previous inkjet printer, the new trolley is now equipped with an A4 color laser printer. This makes the printing faster, allows higher quality printing and less cleaning. Technicians can print result logs faster, work more efficiently and complete their jobs in less time.

new trolley for FSA and BEA

Proven remains

The BEA 950 and the FSA 740 are well known and popular for their practical use. As before, the trolleys are equipped with devices for hoses and cables so that they can be wound up after use and safely stowed away. The KTS Diagnostic Tester also has its place in the holder provided on the side of the trolley. FSA 740 and BEA 950 can be upgraded flexibly with other Bosch products.

Bosch is supplying the new trolley to wholesalers with immediate effect.

BEA 950
BEA 950
DCU 220 during emissions inspection
DCU 220 during emissions inspection
FSA 740
FSA 740


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