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Bosch eXchange

High-quality solutions for value-based vehicle repairs

Value-based repairs are in higher demand than ever, and not only for older vehicles. But how can this be achieved without compromising on quality? Bosch eXchange provides the answer.

High quality and reliability

Testing rotor

With the comprehensive exchange program from Bosch, vehicle repair becomes a success factor for automotive workshops. The exchange products are treated according to the same standards as original parts and have to pass stringent functional and quality tests. This ensures high quality and reliability at lower prices while still providing the same warranty as in the new parts program. Thus workshops can make attractive offers to their customers for value-based vehicle repairs.

Comprehensive exchange program

BX group

The Bosch eXchange program consists in part of series-remanufactured products. However, to provide this extensive program with high market coverage and delivery capability, it is complemented by new parts. Thus, Bosch provides an up-to-date program that is constantly being developed to meet the needs of workshops and their customers.

Certified series remanufacturing

The series remanufacturing of Bosch eXchange products is carried out in certified plants. Thereby the entire industrial remanufacturing process is performed according to the stringent standards applied to original equipment. All wearing parts in remanufactured products are systematically replaced by high-quality parts approved by Bosch. The remaining components are meticulously checked to make sure they precisely meet the permissible tolerances. If required, they are reconditioned or replaced by new parts. This ensures the high quality and reliability of series-remanufactured Bosch eXchange products.

BX graphic reman process
Industrial remanufacturing process
By remanufacturing old parts, Bosch saved around

3,100 tons

of different metals* in 2019.

This translates into a CO2 equivalent (CO2e) of approximately 8,600 tons. This is roughly the amount that would have been generated by producing new metal parts from scratch. It would take about 680,000 beech trees to absorb this volume of CO2e every year.

*own calculation, 2019

Bosch eXchange – resource-saving and environmentally friendly

Responsibility and sustainability

The reuse of products supports the sustainable use of natural resources. Due to value-based vehicle repairs with Bosch eXchange products and the associated return of old parts, workshops, together with Bosch, make an important contribution to the circular economy.

In addition to the Bosch eXchange program, Bosch offers a 1:1 Reman for classic products as well as a Repair Service for electronic components in and around the vehicle.

BX circular economy



Outstanding price-performance ratio

With a price advantage of up to 30% over comparable products in the new parts program, Bosch eXchange products are the optimal solution for value-based vehicle repairs – and all this with the same warranty conditions.

Easy core return

Bosch eXchange relies on outstanding quality – both for exchange parts and for the core return process. The CoremanNet core return service ensures trouble-free, easy and quick core handling – including transparent deposit value crediting.


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Bosch eXchange

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