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ECU Diagnostic Tools Product overview

Keep pace with the ever-increasing complexity of vehicle systems: Bosch's diagnostic testers and ESI[tronic] Evolution diagnostic software enable you to safely and reliably perform diagnostics, identify and correct faults, and maintain and repair vehicles. The KTS ECU diagnostic testers, optionally with channel multimeter and oscilloscope, are precise and easy to use. Designed for everyday use in the automotive workshop in a cross-brand diagnosis.

DCU 120
0 684 400 124

DCU 120
– Robust tablet PC for mobile workshop

The DCU 120 tablet PC with 11.6-inch display and fast processor is the new mobile companion in the workshop. The tablet PC is prepared for future workshop equipment and systems and the interfaces according to current technology standards offer comprehensive connectivity. The large capacitive HD touchscreen enables convenient operation of software packages. Together with the KTS Module 560 or 590, the DCU 120 thus forms a modern, fully-fledged diagnostic system for all service and repair work on modern vehicles. In combination with the KTS Truck, the DCU 120 is also suitable for diagnostics on light commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers and buses.

DCU 220 green back
0 684 400 242

DCU 220
– Flexible and powerful notebook and tablet PC in

The Bosch DCU 220 is a powerful and rugged convertible-PC designed for tough environments. With its Intel® Core(TM) i5-8265U processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD, it's ready to handle any task. The touchscreen with "Dual Mode" technology allows for both multi-touch and stylus pen input, and the reversible display allows you to use it as either a notebook or a tablet-PC. It has an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance and MIL-STD-810G certification for drop, shock, and vibration. It's housed in a magnesium alloy casing and has sealed ports to keep out dirt and moisture. The DCU 220 is the ultimate convertible-PC for any situation.

KTS 465
S P09 000 031

KTS 465
– Basic diagnostic system with KTS 560 + DCU

The diagnostic system KTS 465 combines the robust KTS 560 module with the portable 11.6 inch DCU 120 tablet PC. The many innovative functions of the KTS 560 diagnostic module speed up the workflow and improve precision. Up to three CAN as well as K-Line interfaces can be used at the simultaneously for diagnostics. This optimizes productivity and performance in the long term. The mobile tablet PC can be passed from technician to technician or connected to an external monitor, for example, to view and evaluate diagnostic results together on a larger screen. The KTS 465 enables efficient and flexible work in the workshop.

Bosch Diagnostic KTS 560
0 684 400 560

KTS 560
– ECU Diagnostic tool for all current and future vehicles, with

Optimise your vehicle diagnostic process and all-round workshop capability using this robust, wireless diagnosis module. Built-in measurement equipment will locate electrical issues in no time at all.

KTS 590 green picture
0 684 400 590

KTS 590
– ECU Diagnostic tool for all current and future vehicles, with multimeter and

Achieve the ultimate in diagnosis, repair and service with this high-spec wireless module. Advanced 2-channel multimeter and oscilloscope locate and evaluate electrical issues for speedy resolution.

KTS Truck
0 684 400 512

KTS Truck
– Modular diagnostic solution for commercial vehicle

Maximise commercial vehicle opportunity and get quick answers to problems with this versatile diagnostics solution. Complete with vehicle-specific adapters for easy connection to many makes/models.

KTS 560 590 for Euro 5/6

Euro 5 / PassThru
Control unit diagnosis and

Control unit diagnosis and reprogramming through Euro 5 / PassThru with the vehicle manufacturer's data.

Diagnostic devices from Bosch

Diagnostic devices from Bosch

Handy, robust and precise: the professional automotive diagnostic devices from Bosch are designed for everyday use in the workshop. Simply connect, read out the OBD interface and start diagnosing. In combination with a workshop PC or a DCU 220 Convertible PC and the ESI[tronic] Evolution diagnostic software, workshops can use the OBD diagnostic devices to read out, diagnose and repair a wide range of vehicles - whether passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, or agricultural and construction machinery.

Diagnostic Combi with ESI[tronic] Evolution

More readout options: With the Bosch diagnostic software ESI[tronic] 2.0, testing of over 150 worldwide brands is possible. Included, depending on the license and package, are maintenance and wiring diagrams, diagnostic functions, repair and troubleshooting instructions, and vehicle data. The vehicle coverage is growing steadily.

Calibrating driver assistance systems correctly

Front cameras and front radar of modern driver assistance systems, also called ADAS, are installed in more and more vehicles. Since these are safety-relevant components in the vehicle, precise and professional calibration according to manufacturer specifications is necessary. This is where the DAS 3000 S20 comes in. As a scalable, computer-aided calibration and adjustment device for body stores and workshop professionals, it rounds off the Bosch range of diagnostic devices.

Cross-brand diagnostics with Euro 5/PassThru

Since 2009, the Euro 5 standard has been taking effect with PassThru. This means that exclusive services provided by authorized workshops are now also available to independent workshops. Services such as the creation of an electronic service manual, the programming of components or the coding of keys can be offered independently of the supplier. With Bosch's PassThru interface, workshops can use the vehicle manufacturers' Internet portals as usual for diagnosis, reprogramming, repair and maintenance in the independent workshop.

Connection via OBD interface and Bluetooth

The Bosch automotive diagnostic devices offer a simple system for readout, diagnosis, maintenance and co. The options include a Bluetooth system in addition to connection to the OBD interface. Additional adapters for trucks, for example, make the readout devices a versatile companion for workshops. Simply connect the vehicle to the Bosch diagnostic device via the OBD interface, and then diagnose, maintain and repair the vehicle via Bluetooth using the PC or a Bosch DCU 220.