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Bosch Car Service

More than 100 years of experience in the workshop sector and the world's largest network of independent workshops.

Welcome to the World of Bosch Car Service Network

Welcome to the World of Bosch Car Service Network

Bosch Car Service (BCS) is a global network of independent premium workshops that benefit from Bosch's extensive experience and know-how when it comes to integrated vehicle technology.

Join our global network of more than 10,000 workshops worldwide who are already benefiting from the advantages of Bosch as a strong partner - so what are you waiting for?



Do you want to be right on top of digitalization?

To stay up to date with rapidly evolving digitalization can be frustrating sometimes. We help you to stay ahead of all digital aspects and show you what your workshop could look like in a virtual experience.

Do you want to become more than just an expert?

As a Bosch Car Service workshop you are always at the forefront of the latest technological trends. Explore how we help you to stay ahead in technology.

Helping you to focus on what really matters.

With Bosch as a partner, you take your workshop to a new operational level. We show you the key factors which will guarantee your long-term success.

Simply share the weight on your shoulder!

No need to tackle challenges on your own. Benefit from the wealth of experience of over 10.000 workshops around the world.

Do you want to polish the image of your workshop?

As a Bosch Partner workshop you’ll become a real local hero in your neighborhood. We help you activate a century of consistency and lasting success.

Here’s the solution for you

As a long established partner to the leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide, Bosch has extensive experience and know-how when it comes to all kinds of vehicle technology.

Your benefits as a Bosch Car Service Network partner

Expand your spectrum

Bosch Car Service is the workshop concept for all brands and all services.

Increase growth

Secure your financial future through new customer acquisition and exclusive access to new fields of business.

High efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your workshop with professional service in the management of operations.

Always up-to-date

Stay at the forefront of the industry with ongoing training and further education in the latest vehicle technologies.

Added value

Create synergies through exchange within the worldwide Bosch Car Service network.

Marketing excellence

Maximize your visibility with the strong logo of a global brand, together with professional marketing measures.

This is what Bosch Car Service Network partners are saying

Dawn and Roger Ayres

Dawn and Roger Ayres

Dawn and Roger Ayres – Bushey Hall Garage Ltd, United Kingdom

"Being a Bosch Car Service centre means that we can indeed offer a quality Bosch product. Our staff are Bosch trained and we use Bosch diagnostic equipment."

Dawn and Roger Ayres
Christian Buhelt

Christian Buhelt

Christian Buhelt – AutoCenter København, Denmark

"It is important for me to be part of a concept with a strong brand that focuses on quality."

Christian Buhelt
Carlo Du Plessis

Carlo Du Plessis

Carlo Du Plessis – Cencar, South Africa

"I realized that to grow in the market I needed to join a workshop concept.

Investigating all the different workshop concepts only one stood out for me and that was Bosch. They are the developers of the parts we fit to our vehicles, they sell the equipment we need to repair those vehicles and they offer training which none of the other networks offer. Since I joined the Bosch Car Service network my business has grown in turnover and we get more of the newer vehicles/models and also receive more specialized work which other workshops struggle to repair.”

Carlo Du Plessis

Have a look at your future workshop

Have a look at your future workshop

Explore our AR (augmented reality) Bosch Car Service workshop and experience how we support our partners in various fields like Marketing, Technical Support/ Service and our up to date tools e.g. the “ESI Tronic” diagnosis tool.

Information Hub

Digital Support – The opportunities of a connected workshop and digital communication

How to reach a new level of performance through digitalization

Digital solutions can provide lasting improvement to everyday work in your workshop and make processes faster and more efficient. This saves you time and money – while your customers enjoy improved service quality and convenience. The leap into our digital future is both an opportunity and a challenge. Bosch is there for workshops as an expert partner in this area, too.

Making the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies: with Bosch, you have an IT professional at your side. As a Bosch Car Service workshop, you can make use of the full potential of the digital world for your business, because networking technology creates one thing above all else: greater efficiency – and that means time for the most important factor in your workshop, the customer.

At a glance – your benefits through digital networking

  • Efficient organization – digital solutions from Bosch networked software and hardware throughout the entire repair process
  • Satisfied customers – digital lead management and multichannel communication service
  • Seamless communication – both internally and externally, from scheduling to digital invoicing
  • Maximum utilization – reach additional customers through 360° marketing, communication and brand awareness campaigns
  • Online visibility – your own BCS homepage, workshop finder, and “google my business profile”

Excellence in Technology – High-tech for world-class service

As a Bosch Car Service workshop, you successfully deal with future innovative technologies

From the ignition magneto to ABS and the high-voltage hybrid system, Bosch has played a key role in the history of the automobile. As one of the world’s largest suppliers to the industry, Bosch products can be found in almost every car. Bosch Car Service workshops don’t just go along with progress – they are at the forefront of the latest technological trends. Due to the constant state of transformation in the mobility sector, automotive workshops are under increasing pressure to implement innovations at an early stage. As your cooperation partner, Bosch makes you and your employees fit for the challenges of tomorrow by an easy access to technologies, cross-brand knowledge transfer, and excellent education and training programs.

At a glance – your benefits with Bosch technology

  • Easy access – to high-performance diagnostic via ESI-tronic software and repair equipment
  • Spare parts – availability broad portfolio of high-quality spare parts
  • Extensive knowledge – through the best component training in the field of vehicle technology
  • Holistic solutions – from scheduling to invoicing throughout the repair process

Business Excellence – Your success is our mission

Higher yield, additional opportunities – get started now with Bosch Car Service

Just like in a vehicle, the interaction between many individual components is what guarantees long-term success in a workshop. How well are employees performing, as a team and individually? Which key figures need to be monitored in the short, medium, and long term? Where is the hidden potential for a more efficient organization of the workshop? With Bosch as a cooperation partner, you can take your workshop to a new operational level.

As a workshop owner, you need to keep an eye on future industry trends and adapt your business accordingly at the right moment. But when is that? With smart cooperations, we face up to the challenges posed by technological innovations, an ever-more globalized range of spare parts, and increasingly consolidated customer groups. You hold all the trump cards: freedom to run your business, combined with individual support as part of the Bosch Car Service network.

At a glance – your business benefits

  • Process management – for improved capacity and resource use
  • Increased efficiency – analysis and optimization of the workshop core processes
  • Securing a bright future – technologically up to date and opportunity-oriented
  • Maximum utilization – reach additional customers through 360° marketing, communication and brand awareness campaigns
  • Higher yield – premium partnerships, savings and additional discounts

Global Network – The concentrated power of a world-class network

Do your own thing - and become part of a big family at the same time

Stay independent, and yet be part of a strong network – take advantage of the experience of more than 10,000 Bosch Car Service workshops worldwide.

The best of both worlds: as the owner of a Bosch Car Service workshop, you maintain your entrepreneurial freedom and complement it with the support of professional partners. Around the world, thousands of entrepreneurs like you work under the same brand

At a glance – your benefits as part of the Bosch Car Service network

  • Brands build trust – benefit from being a respresentative of the global Bosch brand
  • One team – exchange in a collaborative network - online, offline and face to face at network events
  • Find and retain skilled employees – as an attractive employer representing a world class brand

Trusted Quality with Bosch – a brand trusted around the world

Bosch Car Service puts its faith in the highest level of quality management. And in you!

Since launching in Hamburg in 1921, Bosch Car Service has developed into a world-leading brand-independent network of workshops. First-class work, binding commitments, and transparent costs are part of the Bosch Car Service promise. As a partner workshop, you become part of that promise. That is why we put our faith in workshops that, like us, see the highest level of expertise as the basis for their success: because no matter how fast technology evolves, quality is the key to consistent, lasting success.

At a glance – your benefits as a Bosch Car Service workshop

  • Satisfied customers through certified quality – ensuring service quality with a solid concept
  • Lasting customer loyalty – by ensuring the best quality of service
  • Lead the way – through supporting external quality checks and measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Local hero – as a representative of Bosch, become a world-class workshop in the neighborhood

FAQ – We answer your frequent questions

Can I still use spare Parts frome other companies?

It is acceptable to use alternative spare parts in a Bosch car service if these items are not within our product groups. However, it is crucial to ensure that these components possess satisfactory quality and are not counterfeit parts.

Can I still have the same name on my workshop?

You will have the same name of the workshop but you are required to maintain an identical workshop name within our Bosch car service corporate identity, as illustrated in the image below.

Is there a minimum term for the partnership?

Yes, there are minimum requirements to fulfil to be part of our Bosch Network of Workshops, such as number of bays, geolocation, etc...

All requirements are shared and explained when you submit your request, by our team of experts.

Dive deep into the whole Bosch Universe

Explore Bosch history and many more aspects which makes the brand such a holistic Partner.