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First Customers Convention for AA team in Egypt


In 2010, Bosch opened a representative office in Egypt with the regional office coming into effect in 2016. Egypt is undergoing significant development, with the widening of the Suez Canal, and the building of two fully connected smart cities. Strategically, the focus on Egypt intensified with market development where AA appointed Mahmoud Sabry, AA Regional Director of Sales in Northeast Africa & Marketing for North & West Africa in April 2022, previously supported from Morocco.

In strengthening of the partnerships with the AA partners, the AA team held its first Customer Convention in Cairo, held over two-days, on the 1st and 2nd November 2022. A full day was dedicated to honour the company’s strategic partners who were behind the company’s successes in the Egyptian market, which are A-part, Endless Creations, MCG, Motion Corporation, Ramtrade, Ready Parts, SMG, and Sobafer.

The event tackled the journey the company has undertaken from Bosch Global to Automotive Aftermarket Africa in addition to an overview of Bosch Group’s achievements and milestones in the Egyptian market, followed by a fruitful discussion about latest trends in the industry and the most updated technologies to adopt.

Yves Nono, Regional President of Automotive Aftermarkets Africa at Bosch
Yves Nono, Regional President of Automotive Aftermarkets Africa at Bosch

Yves Nono, Regional President of Automotive Aftermarkets Africa at Bosch said: “At Bosch, we always strive to improve the quality of life worldwide; armed by an innovative portfolio of products and services. Despite the various challenges that the world has been recently facing such as raw material shortages, the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain disruption, energy supply limitations, and inflation, we were able to maintain high performance, and address our defined seven focus countries represented South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana and Kenya; utilizing five focus products, which are diesel systems, gasoline systems, batteries, braking, and filters. Our focus in these markets is to build market intelligence, expand competitive coverage, improve regional structure, perform customer portfolio management, implement pull strategy, optimize the supply chain, and run price management, targeting 70% market volume of Africa. With a double-digit growth and positive EBIT during the past 3 years, Egypt is offering very good prerequisites for sustainable growth.”

Tamer Magdy, General Manager of Bosch Egypt
Tamer Magdy, General Manager of Bosch Egypt

Tamer Magdy, General Manager of Bosch Egypt said: “Since its inception in 1864, Bosch group has developed an extensive portfolio of various products and services in different business sectors, where Mobility Solutions including Automotive Aftermarket come on its top; representing 58% share of Bosch group sales, with 45.3 billion euros of sales revenue. Thus, we are truly happy to gather today with our partners of success who helped to extend that growth into the Egyptian market over the past years.

He continued: “We aim to shape a new era in the Egyptian market bringing together comprehensive expertise in vehicle technology with hardware, software, and services to offer complete mobility solutions; pursuing a vision of mobility that is smart, safe, and more sustainable aiming to spark enthusiasm through our products, enhance the quality of people’s lives, and help conserve natural resources. To get there, we are focusing on four megatrends: connectivity, electrification, automation, and personalization. Thanks to our decades of cross-domain expertise, we are an innovation leader in all these areas, backed by a strong innovation strategy that combines both artificial intelligence with the internet of things to merge the physical and digital worlds. This comes as a part of an ambitious growth strategy that takes place from 2017 until 2028.”

He added that the portfolio of products offered by Bosch Egypt in the aftermarket includes batteries, brakes, bulbs and lighting, drive belts, spark plugs, gasoline systems, diesel systems, rotating machines, filters, and wiper blades.

Peter Tadros, Regional President of Powertrain Solutions North America and special guest of the event said: “The mobility of the future must meet several requirements. It should be sustainable and affordable, and perfectly fit each customer’s requirements, and therefore for each application, we have to offer the right powertrain, and the hardware and software solutions to go with it. Currently, the whole world is shifting its direction to manufacturing gears that contribute to achieving zero emissions vehicles. Accordingly, we provide Diesel Powertrain that provides great product maturity with high system robustness and reduces nitrogen oxide and CO2, and we also provide Fuel Cell systems that use hydrogen as an energy source to power the electric propulsion system to be emission-free. On another note, we make sure we offer Gasoline Fuel & Exhaust Systems that give more power, more efficiency, and more driving dynamics.

Mahmoud Sabry, AA Regional Director of Sales in Northeast Africa & Marketing for North & West Africa
Mahmoud Sabry, AA Regional Director of Sales in Northeast Africa & Marketing for North & West Africa

Mahmoud Sabry, AA Regional Director of Sales in Northeast Africa & Marketing for North & West Africa stated: “Egypt is one of the key strategic markets in the region that is full of potential and opportunities that Bosch wants to encourage with support for both economic development and infrastructure.” Despite the existing challenges that are encountered in the Egyptian automotive aftermarket, we still envision lots of trends and opportunities that need to be seized such as the legal environment development, digital transformation, and being the highest-growing market in Africa. That’s why we always introduce new services to our customers & the automotive market, such as Extra program which is a loyalty program created by Bosch to reward its customers after good sales achievement. In addition to Bosch Car Service which is a fully equipped car service workshop that maintains all car models using Bosch products that are equivalent to the OE (Original Equipped Manufacturing) requirement with high quality.

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