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Equipment Services

Have a Bosch service technician on-site to increase your equipment's life and minimise downtimes

Enjoy the highest standard of after-sales service for your Bosch equipment with Bosch Equipment Services – from installation through to an extended life.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Following the installation of your new equipment on-site by a trained Bosch service technician, they will the execute the commissioning process by performing a series of tests to ensure that the equipment is fully operational and you can use it right away.

After an in-depth equipment training you will know the different modes and configurations and how to operate the equipment.

Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

Effective and timely maintenance of workshop test equipment is a fundamental part of Bosch Field Service, reducing downtimes. The service visit and repair of your equipment is conducted by Bosch test equipment service – a team of professional Bosch educated service technicians with a detailed product insight.

To prevent equipment from failing and to avoid any resulting repair service, Bosch service technicians will conduct thorough inspections in accordance with Bosch standards and legal requirements. They will also replace any worn parts, to ensure a reliable and continued operation - you benefit from your equipment for a long time and focus on your job.

Should equipment require immediate repair, Bosch service technicians will make a field visit on-site and set out a detailed repair plan.

Extended Warranty and Service

Extended Warranty and Service

With the acquisition of the Extended Warranty and Service from Bosch your workshop will benefit from full warranty coverage on equipment. Bosch’s service helps you solving deficiencies promptly on discovery without taking any risks.

Extended Warranty and Service covers the whole Bosch diagnostic equipment range:

  • Emission analysis
  • Engine system testing
  • ECU diagnosis
  • Air conditioning service
  • Battery service
  • ADAS
Electronic Service

Electronic Service

Bosch offers automobile workshops and drivers a first-class exchange and repair service for electronic vehicle components and Equipment. This service is based on the expertise gained as a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic vehicle systems in the automotive industry.

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