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DCU 220 green back

DCU 220 - Robust diagnostic notebook including tablet and state-of-the-art technology

0 684 400 232

Enjoy this highly versatile and robust diagnostic controller which is both laptop and tablet PC in one for optimal use. Powerful and quick, it connects to ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online startup in just 30 seconds.

Bosch Diagnostic KTS 560

KTS 560 - ECU Diagnostic tool for all current and future vehicles, with multimeter

0 684 400 560

Optimise your vehicle diagnostic process and all-round workshop capability using this robust, wireless diagnosis module. Built-in measurement equipment will locate electrical issues in no time at all.

KTS 590 green picture

KTS 590- ECU Diagnostic tool for all current and future vehicles, with multimeter and oscilloscope

0 684 400 590

Achieve the ultimate in diagnosis, repair and service with this high-spec wireless module. Advanced 2-channel multimeter and oscilloscope locate and evaluate electrical issues for speedy resolution.

KTS 350 green left with OBD

KTS 350 - Advanced diagnostic technology - in one compact device

0 684 400 350

Boost workshop efficiency with this all-in-one device to control, diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and maintain customer vehicles. A multifunctional tester with all the tools for proficient operations.

KTS 460 green image

KTS 460 - Rugged ECU diagnostic solution for use with ESI[tronic] 2.0 Software

0 684 400 460

Get much more with this package of robust KTS 560 vehicle diagnosis module and responsive DCU 100 10-inch tablet controller. It’s a versatile and highly efficient professional workshop combination.

KTS 960 green image

KTS 960 - Complete diagnostic wireless solution: DCU 220 + KTS 560

0 684 400 912

Enhance the sophistication of your vehicle diagnostics and improve your capabilities with this robust, wireless KTS 560 module controlled with the adaptable DCU 220 that’s both laptop and tablet PC.

KTS 980 green image

KTS 980 - Complete wireless solution with professional measuring technology: DCU 220 + KTS 590

0 684 400 922

Gear up your workshop for fast, highly advanced and future-proofed diagnosis. Combine KTS 590 and DCU 220 for a high-spec wireless module with an adaptable laptop/tablet PC controller in one.

KTS 995

KTS 995 - Wireless premium solution with enhanced measuring technology: DCU 220 + KTS 560 + FSA 500

0 684 400 932

For versatile and precise diagnostics on even the most sophisticated vehicle electrical and electronic components: The KTS 995 is a mobile testing system which includes the KTS 560, DCU 220 and FSA 500.

KTS Trucks

KTS Truck - Modular diagnostic solution for commercial vehicle workshops

0 684 400 512

Maximise commercial vehicle opportunity and get quick answers to problems with this versatile diagnostics solution. Complete with vehicle-specific adapters for easy connection to many makes/models.

DCU 100 green right

DCU 100 - Rugged diagnostic tablet pc

0 684 400 122

Benefit from responsive and reliable vehicle diagnosis and testing, in conjunction with the Bosch KTS series modules, with this portable, robust 10-inch tablet. Equipped with the latest Windows 10.

KTS 560 590 for Euro 5/6

Euro 5 / PassThru

Control unit diagnosis and reprogramming through Euro 5 / PassThru with the vehicle manufacturer's data.