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Bosch Wipers – 5 tips to outstanding wiping results

Bosch wiper blades are high-quality products. Installed onto vehicles, they ensure a clear view at all times. These tips and tricks will reveal what to do to make sure your Bosch wiper blades provide very good wiping results for a long time.

5 tips to achieve outstanding wiping results

Regularly clean the windshield and the wiper rubbers.

  • Wash off any residue of insects, resins and pollen.

Remove leaves and coarse dirt.

  • Do not operate the wiper blades if there are leaves or particles of dirt in its path, as this could damage the wiper rubber
  • Do add windshield cleaner to the windshield washer

Top up the windshield washer tank.

  • Regularly check the level of windshield washer
  • Use the right windshield washer to top up the tank and stick to the specified mixture ratio.

Prepare the wiper blades for the winter season.

  • Add antifreeze agent to the windshield washer as soon as the temperatures starts dropping
  • Lift the wiper blades at night or put a foil /cardboard between wiper blade and windshield
  • Never operate the wiper blades on a frozen windshield

Replace wiper blades regularly!

  • Always replace the wiper blades before and after each winter season
  • Remember to replace them at least once a year