Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in South Africa

Gigalight Plus 120 & Gigalight Plus 150

Power lamps for highest brightness

See and be seen, that’s a prerequisite for drivers looking for safe and relaxed driving.

Bosch offers a broad range of automotive bulbs for almost any vehicle

Car drivers regularly prefer the premium quality of Bosch automotive bulbs. For price-oriented customers expecting both a value-based repair and reliable Bosch quality, the Bosch ECO range of automotive bulbs is the ideal solution. The Bosch ECO range comprises the 25 most common types of bulbs and thus covers a large variety of vehicles on the market.

  • Universally applicable: comprises the most common 12V bulbs
  • Long service life: use of high-quality materials and components
  • Good price/performance ratio: outstanding lighting performance with fair pricing

Gigalight Plus 120

Gigalight Plus 120
  • 120 % more light and particularly high performance: this halogen bulb is filled with xenon gas and features an optimized filament size
  • Extremely white light: the glass bulb features a blue special coating
  • Much more relaxed and safer driving: thanks to the high light intensity, obstacles and road signs are identified much faster
  • Modern design: the halogen bulb’s silver top looks particularly noble on clear-glass headlights

Gigalight Plus 150

Gigalight Plus 150
  • 150 % more light and maximum performance: through its filling with pure xenon gas and an optimized filament size
  • Intense white light: very white daylight-like light for stronger contrasts
  • Increased driving safety: thanks to the high light intensity, dangerous situations, obstacles and lane markings can be identified much earlier
  • Modern design: the silver top looks noble on clear-glass headlights