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Filters for the future

Celebrating 90 years of protecting injection systems

Bosch fuel filters have been protecting the injection systems of motor vehicles since 1930.

Originally manufactured in Stuttgart, these new-to-the-market fuel filters were designed to solve the major issue facing motor vehicle owners at the time: contaminated fuel.

The quality of fuel used in the early days of automobiles was a far cry from the advanced grades of fuels available today. Unfiltered, contaminated fuels put a strain on engine performance and caused blocked injection systems and breakdowns.

Bosch fuel filters protected diesel – and later, also petrol injection systems against contaminants and impurities. The filters reliably cleaned fuel by separating particles and water, resulting in cleaner fuel for optimum engine performance.

Although the first Bosch fuel filters were highly advanced for the time, they had a downside – the filters needed to be cleaned regularly, which meant more time was spent under the hood than on the road. This all changed after an innovative breakthrough six years later. It was discovered that using a special paper as a filter medium was a solution to the regular maintenance and cleaning of fuel filters.

For the first time ever, Bosch’s new and improved fuel filters comprised of a specially designed paper as a filter medium that reliably removed contaminants and impurities from fuel, as well as the hassle that came with frequently cleaning them. This formed the basis for the material which, due to its high cleaning efficiency, is still used in fuel filters today.

Filters for the future

Filters for the future

Advanced as they may be, ultra-modern powertrain systems – whether electric drive, fuel cell or hybrid drive – require clean water, oil or air for battery and/or engine cooling, and filters remain an integral component thereof. In 2020 and beyond, Bosch will continue to design and develop technologically advanced, high-quality fuel filters to protect the fuel injection and drive systems of next-generation vehicles.

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