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From race track to road: Bosch Spark Plugs that set the pace

The quality and reliability of Bosch high-performance spark plugs that vehicle owners enjoy today, can be attributed to over 100 years of development for motorsport racing.

Driven by Success

Europe’s race tracks and circuits were the proving grounds for Bosch’s spark plug development engineers. Race cars became rolling test labs and spark plugs were put through their paces in high-speed environments.

Case in point – the use of platinum alloys for spark plug electrodes. This technology was first used in 1970 in a Porsche 917 which participated in the Le Mans 24-hour race. The Porsche ended up crossing the line in first place and the race-winning performance inspired Bosch engineers to adapt the technology for standard production cars. The platinum alloys have been used in Bosch series production spark plugs since 1974 and, today, newer versions continue to set the pace in the market.

Spark Plugs

Cup terminals are yet another example of motorsport-based developments. They were originally developed to improve the contacts in special engines. The cup terminals used in Bosch high-performance spark plugs today, are a derivate designed for series production spark plugs. The welded ground electrode is an advanced component made possible by technology originally developed for motorsport applications, which eventually made its way into series production.

Driven by Milliseconds

It’s these learnings in the racing environment that have paved the way for the development of Bosch series production spark plugs. Over 800 different types of spark plugs are produced in series, with Bosch supplying workshops with a comprehensive range matching almost any application. Because Bosch spark plugs are tested and developed on racing tracks – often being pushed to the limit in extreme conditions – vehicle owners benefit from Bosch’s long-term production expertise combined with innovative technologies, and are guaranteed top-quality and high performance in Bosch spark plugs.