Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in the United Kingdom


Diagnostics from Bosch: Workshop solutions for the future.

For professional service on modern vehicles, Bosch provides test equipment, software, and expertise perfectly coordinated from a single source.


ECU Diagnosis

The increasing number and complexity of vehicle systems and parts means that workshops require access to a wide range of knowledge. Our Bosch ESI[tronic] software and ECU tools identify virtually any vehicle model and provide you with comprehensive data for workshops.

Air Conditioning

Test Equipment

Bosch’s range of test equipment has a wide selection of connected workshop technologies, which offers fast, easy and accurate servicing, testing and adjusting.


Engine Service

Quick, professional and convenient - our engine system and emission testers are second-to-none when it comes to speed and accuracy.

Augmented Reality


Our up-to-date software solutions keep you competitive by linking software systems, equipment and vehicle data thus allowing to successfully exchange service or repair information.