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BEA 550 - Diesel UK mobile emission analyser

0 684 105 135

The mobile diesel emissions tester is fast and accurate and helps you transform the speed of your MOT and service operations.

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BEA 550 - Gasoline UK mobile emission analyser

0 684 105 235

Small and lightweight, you can take the BEA 550 Gasoline with you anywhere, it’s the perfect exhaust-gas testing system for all your mobile testing applications on gas and gasoline vehicles.

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BEA 550 - Combi UK mobile emission analyser

0 684 105 513

Designed for all your mobile testing applications on gas, gasoline and diesel vehicles, the BEA 550 Combi is a handy exhaust-gas testing system. BEA 550 Combi is small and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere.

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BEA 950 S1 - Gasoline, Gas and Diesel emissions analyser

0 684 120 362

The BEA 950 S1 is the premium solution offering everything you need for fast and in-depth testing of gasoline, gas and diesel vehicles. It includes a PC, monitor, mouse and keyboard and is designed for the demands of tough, everyday workshop use.

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BEA 950 S3 - Gasoline, Gas and Diesel emissions analyser

0 684 120 361

Powerful all-rounder for tasks from simple exhaust-gas tests to cost effective emission system analyses for gasoline, gas and diesel vehicles. The BEA 950 S3 provides flexibility for users who use their own laptop, a DCU 100 or DCU 220.