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Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery

0 092 S5A 110
Developed to provide sufficient power for frequent starts and stops: The premium Bosch S5 A battery with AGM technology supports regenerative braking (recuperation) and is a reliable source of power for electrical consumers during the stop phase.

C3 Battery charger for 6V and 12V batteries

0 189 999 03M
Offering convenient and efficient battery charging: The C3 battery charger for 12 V passenger car starter batteries and 6 V and 12 V two-wheeler starter batteries can automatically detect the type of lead acid battery as well as the correct charge level.

C7 Battery charger for 12V and 24V batteries

0 189 999 07M
For fast, efficient and versatile battery charging : The C7 battery charger for 12 V starter batteries in passenger cars and large motorcycles and 24 V starter batteries in commercial vehicles, transporters and campers can automatically detect the type of lead acid batteries.


Bosch eXchange Brake caliper

0 204 103 374
Always be assured of safe and reliable braking: The brake calipers from the Bosch eXchange program undergo a stringent release process. Thanks to their good price-performance ratio, they provide a high-quality alternative for value-based vehicle repairs.

Brake Caliper

0 204 004 237
Always be assured of safe and reliable braking, and a long service life: Available for a wide range of vehicles, Bosch brake calipers squeeze the brake pads against the discs to slow the vehicle down.

Brake Fluid DOT 3

1 987 479 101
Bosch DOT 3 brake fluids are suitable for older vehicles. More modern vehicles with ESP® and ABS require DOT 4 and higher specified brake fluids. DOT 3 brake fluid should not be mixed with other brake fluids or mineral oil fluids. A replacement interval of at least once a year is recommended.


Automotive bulb kit

1 987 301 101
For complete peace of mind: The Bosch Automotive Bulb Kits Minibox/Maxibox contain a complete set of all the important replacement bulbs for a vehicle.

ECO Automotive Bulb

1 987 302 807
Delivering a good price-performance ratio: The Bosch ECO Automotive Bulb for value-based repairs, providing good durability and light output.

LED for interior lighting

1 987 301 505
The elegant, modern and eco-friendly Bosch LED Retrofit Light is an instant, ready-to-fit upgrade from halogen lighting that provides a stylish new look for the vehicle.