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Bosch Diesel Repair Network The expert service provider

With more than 3,000 workshops worldwide, our global network of diesel specialists are the first choice for the professional service of diesel engines and components.


The Bosch Diesel Repair Network

The Bosch Diesel Repair Network provides comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and component service solutions for all diesel systems. With a high level of expertise in the market and equipment that meets strict Bosch approval, the Bosch Diesel Repair Network is able to offer a solution to all faults with the appropriate diesel system components for each problem.

Our Services

Our Diesel experts are able to identify the cause of any diesel failure quickly and accurately, using advanced Bosch on-vehicle diagnostic and test equipment. At the same time, we can spot any potential issues before they become actual problems.

The Bosch Diesel Network have the ability to offer a full component testing service. This means each component can be individually tested to determine if a fault is present and if so can, identify precisely where the fault lies.

The Bosch Diesel Repair Network offer authorised repair services across all diesel systems including:

  • Common rail injectors (CRI/CRIN) and common rail pumps (CP)
  • Unit injector systems (UIS) and unit pump systems (UPS)
  • Electronically controlled distributor pumps (VP, VE-EDC)
  • Conventional (mechanical) distributor/in-line pumps and nozzle holder assemblies

In some cases it is not always possible or economically feasible for an authorised repair to be carried out on some components. In these cases, the Bosch Diesel Network will be able to offer a replacement Bosch eXchange unit. Your local Bosch Diesel Repair workshop will be able to advise you on the most appropriate solution for your individual needs.

Bosch QualityScan

Bosch QualityScan

Quality is our number one goal. That is why we and our customers must be able to verify it at all times. As authorized Bosch diesel specialists, we repair common-rail injectors and injection pumps according to Bosch quality standards and provide access to information about the repair, which can be accessed via a website and an app using a unique repair ID.

The Bosch QualityScan app provides you with a quick overview of all the relevant repair information relating to your Bosch common-rail injectors and Bosch injection pumps.

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