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FSA 050 with measuring cable

FSA 050 handheld multimeter

0 684 010 050

Enjoy genuine versatility with this hand-held tester for electric and hybrid drives. Use it standalone for quick testing or link wirelessly to PC/FSA series to accurately document measurement results.

FSA 500 green with cables

FSA 500 portable measuring module

0 684 010 512

Take a comfortable first step into electrical and electronic diagnosis with this cost-effective, precision oscilloscope for in-situ testing of the battery and compressor. It’s a convenient time-saver.

FSA 740 Edition

FSA 720 portable measuring module

0 684 010 500

Boost vehicle system analysis in your workshop. This measurement module with handy cradle has a 2-channel oscilloscope for fast scanning up to 50 MS/s and 50 pre-sets for efficient component testing.

Front view FSA 740 with KTS 560

FSA 740 measuring system with KTS

0 684 013 742

A high-performance measurement module with KTS 560, Windows PC and trolley in one plus cables, clamps and probes – you can even expand this complete troubleshooting system as required.

SMT 300

SMT 300 Leak detection

0 684 102 300

The SMT 300 is unrivalled with fast, easy and accurate testing of various types of vehicle leaks like the ones involving oil, exhaust, wind, EGR and many others, making it a must-have for all professional workshops.