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SMT 300 – leak detection

SMT 300
SMT 300 detail

Compact and lightweight, the SMT 300 is a smoke tester with a full range of accessories that enable workshops to perform a wide variety of vehicle leak tests.

This easy-to-use time-saving device, features a graduated smoke control valve and flow meter and can be used with shop air or inert gases.

The smoke tester is sold with a sturdy case, for portability and safe storage when not in use.

More Information

  • Compact at only 330 (w) x 305.5 (h) x 330 mm (d): For space-saving in the workshop or in transit
  • Lightweight at only 8.6 kg: For ultimate mobility within the workshop or offsite
  • Operates off-vehicle using its 12 V battery: Convenience and maximum portability
  • Multi-purpose leak detection for any low pressure closed system such as intake and exhaust systems, air or water leaks of all vehicle doors and openings: For cost-effectiveness and space-saving
  • Designed specifically to avoid damaging vehicle components: To retain factory warranty and for safety
  • Test closed systems by introducing smoke as needed using UltraTraceUV® dye solution to create Diagnostic Smoke® - the only OEM approved solution: To locate leaks quickly and accurately
  • Clear, accurate leakage measurements with graduated smoke flow control valve, air flow meter, and pressure/vacuum decay gauge: To provide easy reference point while conducting tests
  • Full range of accessories with storage case: A complete money-saving bundle
  • Dye deposit is UV light-traceable: Locate usually hard-to-detect leakages with ease
Operating pressure 0.035 bar
Operating pressure
Compressed air connection
0.035 bar
3.4 - 12 bar
Operating pressure
Power supply
0.035 bar
12 Volt DC
Operating pressure
0.035 bar
Hose length 2400 mm
Hose length
Tank for UltraTraceUV® smoke solution
2400 mm
Hose length
Dimensions ( H x W x D)
2400 mm
330 x 305.5 x 330 mm
  • Leakfinder SMT 300 with hose and nozzle
  • UltraTraceUV®
  • Cap plugs kit
  • Adapter cone
  • Smoke distributor
  • Combined light with glasses
  • Schrader remover/installer
Universal neck adapter
1 681 335 125
BMW-Mini neck adapter
1 681 335 122
Preset 100 psi regulator*
1 687 417 104
Cylinder hose*

*For use with larger inert gas bottles found in shops
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Product Brochure (PDF)
Manuals, updates and information