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Bosch braking system Driven by trust

Delivering safety since 1927. Driving on the road is a part of our life that must be protected by a safe system. A system that controls every part of the braking process - from the pedal to the wheel. Safe, high-quality full braking system is what drives us: with parts, diagnostics and workshop services from Bosch.

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Brake experts for more than 90 years

Bosch Braking components

The Bosch range of brakes comprises of more than 10,000 different products for the UK and Ireland markets. Whether wear parts, hydraulic products or components for electronic brake systems – Bosch supports workshops with an extensive range of products. With more than 1,300 different brake pads, Bosch brake pads and discs cover more than 95% of the UK market alone. This makes it possible for workshops to work efficiently and competitively on the brake systems of a wide variety of vehicles.


sub family products


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News to product range every year and continuously in development:

  • Fondation: Pads, discs, shoes, drums and kits
  • Transmission equipment: hoses, cables, fluids and lubricants
  • Actuation equipment: master cylinders, boosters and regulators
  • Modulation: Active safety system: ABS, TCS, ESP® and wheel speed sensors

Tested and proofed – our test tracks in Europe

Diagnostics opportunity

Diagnostics opportunity

Bosch’s globally proven, future-proof control unit diagnosis offers suitable solutions for maintenance, diagnosis and repair in any workshop – easily, quickly and efficiently. ESI[tronic], KTS and DCU accompany and support troubleshooting and repairs. Online maintenance and circuit diagrams, all important diagnostic functions, repair and troubleshooting instructions, manuals, vehicle data and experience-based repair cases (EBR) for over 150 brands provide comprehensive data for the workshop.

The braking system requires the same care as the engine and changing the brake fluid is as important as replacing the engine oil.

Bosch introduced the BFT100 brake fluid tester - easy and reliable diagnostic tool to measure the boiling point of the brake fluid in 30 seconds.

The Brake Fluids Tester (BFT 100) can be plugged directly into the vehicle battery: no need to charge it before use.

Training Courses

To complement our portfolio of braking components and systems, Bosch also offers a wide range of technical Training Courses, available to all independent workshops.

These range from our brand new Online ‘Virtual Classroom’ ½ day module, VSC42-VC ‘Vehicle Safety Systems – Braking’, progressing to Diagnostic and Master Technician courses with VSC6 ‘Braking and Chassis Systems – ABS & ESP’ and VSC13 ‘Advanced Braking Systems’.

For more information, including dates and online booking, please visit

Training Courses