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Bosch Cabin FILTER+ For a healthier ride

Choose FILTER+ now. Easy breathing for allergy sufferers: Watery and itchy eyes along with sneezing caused by allergens are particularly annoying while driving a car. In these cases, Bosch cabin filters can provide comfort!

Relief for allergy sufferers

Bosch delivers a complete air conditioning (A/C) service solution for the automotive aftermarket, including cabin filters, A/C service units and A/C systems training.

With ever more people suffering from allergies, modern vehicle A/C systems provide a welcome breath of fresh air for health-conscious drivers.

According to Allergy UK , 44% of UK adults suffer from at least one allergy, with hay fever (allergic rhinitis) affecting up to 30% of adults and 40% of children. Quality A/C tackles this issue at source by rendering allergens and bacteria harmless… and Bosch is a one-stop-shop for the best A/C parts, equipment and training.

Filter +

Sneezing when driving is particularly dangerous because, for a moment, you are blind. Fortunately, Bosch’s high performance FILTER+ cabin filters can alleviate both the irritation and the risk.

FILTER+ cabin filters feature three active layers of filtration:

1) An anti-allergy layer with a grid structure to separate pollen and silver ions to kill bacteria.

2) An ultra-fine microfiber layer which retains up to 99% of fine dust up to 2.5 micrometres.

3) An activated-carbon layer to neutralise odours and keep air smelling fresh.

In addition to the valuable health benefits, FILTER+ cabin filters improve safety by reducing windscreen misting and even help to protect the A/C system itself. Bosch offers a comprehensive range of 500+ filters covering 95% of the UK car parc.

As to the profit potential, a recent survey showed that only 11% of drivers changed their cabin filters in the last 12 months . When you consider that Bosch recommends changing them annually or every 9,000 miles, the number of untapped sales is substantial.

Silke Walter, Bosch Product Specialist for filters, Europe North, said: “Cabin filters represent an unmissable opportunity for workshops to simultaneously provide great customer service, improve safety and increase revenue, a win-win-win. They are not expensive and usually only take 10 minutes to fit.

If you explain the benefits to the customer – the protection against allergies and overall improvement to air quality in the cabin – they should be an easy sell.”

To ensure workshops are able to take full advantage of this opportunity, Bosch has created a poster containing all of the part numbers, fitting times and component locations for the top 100 best-selling vehicles on the market. In case any further information is required, there is a more comprehensive vehicle database available at:

For a free copy of the poster, please ask your distributor or email

Installation instructions for FILTER+ cabin filters can also be found online via the QR code on the box.

Bosch A/C service units and training courses

To keep A/C systems in prime working order and avoid expensive repairs, Bosch recommends A/C servicing every two years... and that’s become big business for forward-thinking workshops.

With nearly 90% of cars in the UK now having A/C systems, but only 56% of independent garages having an A/C servicing machine3, those investing in the right training and equipment are making very healthy profits.

New additions to the popular Bosch ACS range of A/C service units include the ACS663 for R-1234yf and the ACS653 for R-134a. All these machines boast a 90% recovery rate, giving workshops a significant return on investment (ROI) on the recovered gas alone.

As well as being suitable for fully automatic maintenance and repair work on all car and commercial vehicle A/C systems, the ACS663 and ACS653 are also compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles. To view the full range of Bosch A/C machines please visit our Air Conditioning Services.

Please note: A/C servicing requires specific training and must be performed with great care. Bosch offers industry-leading A/C training courses, notably Air Conditioning Systems Diagnosis (VSB26) and Refrigerant Gas Handling (AC1RHA). For further details and to find your nearest centre visit:

Kevin Higgs, Bosch Product Specialist for A/C, Europe North, said: “Investing in high quality A/C servicing equipment and training is a great way for workshops to generate additional profits. A/C is almost ubiquitous already and with electric and hybrid vehicles using it to heat and cool components its future is secure. Our industry benchmark training courses ensure that technicians develop the necessary skills, while our Bosch ACS machines make A/C servicing simple, safe and efficient. There’s really no reason why you should be letting customers go elsewhere when you can do it yourself. As an extra incentive, we are reducing the price of our A/C service units by 5% from 1st April until 30th June 2019.”

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A/C maintenance for experts

A/C maintenance for experts



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