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Bosch ESI[tronic] Diagnostic Software

Minimise diagnostic time, maximise profit, business made ESI

Welcome to the new generation of diagnostic software

Bosch offers a uniquely comprehensive workshop solution from diagnostic to repair.

Day-to-day tasks in garages and workshops must be carried out efficiently and the right solution is needed, right away. Bosch [ESI]tronic helps workshops and garages take their business to the next level, with one diagnostic solution for almost every challenge. 

With comprehensive vehicle coverage, the [ESI]tronic’s 2.0 online software allows for efficient and effective maintenance, repairs and service for almost any workshop or garage requirement, enabling them to future-proof their businesses. [ESI]tronic 2.0 is not simply a tool, but a tangible trouble-shooting resource that provides access to vehicle data for 90,000 vehicles and 150 brands. It also features a 95% market coverage with a vast range of Engine Control Units (ECU’s). The software enables the user to access maintenance and wiring diagrams, diagnostics, repair and troubleshooting guides, manuals, and Experience-Based Repair Information (EBR).  

Partnered with a Bosch diagnostic device from the KTS series and one of the Bosch DCU series, the [ESI]tronic software becomes the enabler, mentor and partner for workshops and garages.

Experienced Based Repair
Forget online searches and chat rooms, solve every issue, every time, fast. Experienced Based Repair puts you in command with Bosch proven solutions for everyday fixes and errors.

The one diagnostic solution for almost every workshop or garage challenge

Secure vehicle data in a single touch
Don’t let secure vehicle data outpace your business, costing you valuable downtime and profit. Get secure vehicle data in a single touch.

ESI[tronic] is a flexible product with modular package options, enabling businesses to expand their diagnostic software with additional options when required.  

With three packages to choose from: Diagnostic, Advanced and Master, the [ESI]tronic can be tailored to technicians’ needs, supporting performance for extensive diagnostics, rectifying errors and even discovering the right solutions. Each package features the Secure Diagnostic Access (SDA), which gives technicians access to the protected, active diagnostic systems needed to carry out daily workshop and garage tasks.