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Bosch compound brake discs Range extension

New product innovation in lightweight design

What is a Compound brake disc?

The compound brake disc is a new product innovation in lightweight design, comprised of a profiled steel or aluminium hat, combined with a high-carbon cast iron friction ring. The two components are held together by stainless steel rivets.

Compound brake discs feature various materials, binding methods and designs, depending on the vehicle model.

All Bosch compound brake discs are ECE R90 certified. Their material composition and tolerances are optimally adapted to the brake system of the designated applications.

How does it work? Friction ring: Lamellar cast iron strengthened by high carbon content; Rivet connection and hat / fixing part in aluminium or steel
Example of a compound brake disc for Mercedes-Benz models

Newly developed compound discs for Mercedes-Benz models

New design: OE-like wavy hat design with Bosch proven rivet connections for strong integrity and robustness
Example of a compound brake disc Mercedes-Benz models in the current design (left) and new design (right)
The design is based on the respective original equipment brake disc and the newly developed packaging protects both the brake disc and the anti-corrosion coating.
The handling instruction ensures correct handling and installation.

Advantages over standard cast iron brake discs

Lower fuel consumption & emission

Lightweight component design results in lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emission.

Improved driving comfort

Reduced unsprung mass improves driving comfort and performance.

Reduced brake judder

Enhanced thermal capacity and heat conductivity reduces brake judder. Another advantage is that the friction ring is highly resistant to thermo-mechanical stresses.

Reduced warping and noise

The friction ring and rotor hat are joined using a special method which further reduces undesired heat flow. This reduces warping and hot tears, as well as vibration and noise.

The complete Bosch range of compound discs covers applications for both Mercedes-Benz and BMW
Total of

>12 million

vehicles covered in EU today

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compound discs trend in the worldwide IAM car park