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Lesson 4 Identifying known fixes with experience based repair

Welcome to the fourth edition of our KTS Diagnostics Made ESI series – your go-to guide to unlocking the potential of your Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 software. As we continue to build your knowledge, we will move from the fundamentals all the way up to our most advanced expert tips.

Identify and remedy known fixes faster

Last time we delved into the time saving potential of our ‘Service Tasks’ tool. By putting all the tasks your workshop team need to complete right at their fingertips – in seconds – ‘Service Tasks’ gives your engineers a head-start on the work at hand. While our Experience Based Repair (EBR) - Known Fixes feature helps them take efficiency to the next level.

Fixes you can trust, in one convenient place

With the online knowledge exchange growing by the day, many workshops are turning to Google for their repair instructions. While the internet is a huge data source, many results are unvetted and unverified. Leaving a lot of time-consuming legwork for your team, even if the initial search goes smoothly.

By aggregating knowledge from across a worldwide diagnostic community of 75,000 experts, EBR - Known Fixes cuts out potential hours wasted searching the web.

From the technical hotline and internet forums to trending Google searches – the EBR-finder utilises an innovative algorithm to identify common problems from across a wide variety of sources and alert our experienced ESI[tronic] SIS authors of any emerging challenges being experienced in the field. This expert team then check the entries for plausibility and validate the data to create Bosch-quality content to guide you through the fix.

Accessing EBR - known fixes

Ranked by likes

ranked by likes
Figure. 1

Find our most popular fixes, fast. Thanks to the feedback feature we’ve made it easy for technicians on the ground to rate a fix – helping you to easily see the industry’s best-ranked solutions (see Fig 1).

It also enables you to have your say on how useful you found a particular fix.

Search bar

search bar
Figure. 2

You can quickly and easily search our database of fixes by keyword. Just like you would if you were relying on traditional search engines. The biggest difference? Every result is Bosch approved (see Fig 2).

For consistency and reliability, every bosch approved fix follows the same format (see fig 3)

EBR case example
Figure. 3

A brief summary of the issue

A list of any relevant symptoms

The most common reasons why this fault may occur

The known fix for these challenges

Quick and reliable repairs are the foundation for excellent results and satisfied customers. With more than 1,500,000 real life use cases – and growing – it’s never been easier to find the right solution for your problem. Fast. As on online service that is updated automatically, EBR - Known Fixes will always bring you the very latest repairs and adaptations from our ever-growing database.

What to read next?

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Join us for our next lesson to discover more about how you can make the most of the System Overview and Protocol Reports to quickly understand potential issues and deliver detailed reports – from end to end.