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How to remove and install HPIV and HPP

Treating high-pressure injection valves properly enables them to be repaired effectively

Repair of high-pressure injection system components

High pressure pump and injector

Bosch supplies spare parts and special tools for the repair of the high pressure injection systems. ESI[tronic] 2.0 gives a complete diagnostic sequence to be followed with installation instructions including measurement values, fault patterns and even signal images. With this sort of help from Bosch’s detailed instruction manual, spare parts and special tools, it is a relatively easy task to remove or replace high-pressure injection valves and combustion chamber seals.

Removal and installation of high-pressure injection valve (HPIV)

  • Read ESI[tronic] 2.0 instructions carefully
  • Use appropriate tools to remove HPIV and replace the combustion chamber seal
  • Avoid damage to the valve tip (valve leakage)
  • Prevent the ingress of foreign bodies and dirt during installation
  • If the HPIV is to be reused, never use impact tools during the installation of the HPIV into the cylinder head
  • Do not apply oil or grease to the white Teflon seal
  • Apply a thin coat of clean, silicone-free engine oil to the blue seal before installing the fuel rail
  • When removing and reusing the HPIV, always replace the specified spare parts (service kits)

For more tips and information on the used tools and spare parts, please read the full article at the end

‘Step by step’ removal and installation instructions for HPIV and HPP

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