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Brakes (20)

Bosch eXchange Brake caliper

Always be assured of safe and reliable braking: The Bosch eXchange brake calipers are remanufactured to comply with the same high production standards as new parts and are subject to stringent functional and quality tests.

Brake Caliper

Always be assured of safe and reliable braking, and a long service life: Available for a wide range of vehicles, Bosch brake calipers squeeze the brake pads against the discs to slow the vehicle down.

Brake Fluid DOT 3

Bosch DOT 3 brake fluids are suitable for older vehicles. More modern vehicles with ESP® and ABS require DOT 4 and higher specified brake fluids. DOT 3 brake fluid should not be mixed with other brake fluids or mineral oil fluids. A replacement interval of at least once a year is recommended.

Brake Fluid DOT 4

Bosch DOT 4 brake fluid is suitable for the majority of all current vehicles. It protects the brakes against corrosion and supports power transmission.

Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

DOT 5.1 is a further development of the DOT 4 fluid. It has a much higher dry and wet boiling point. This provides additional protection against the formation of vapor bubbles in the fluid at high brake temperatures, which can lead to brake failure.

Brake Fluid LHM+

The mineral hydraulic oil Bosch LHM + is a special development for brake systems with mineral oil hydraulics and LHM system. It supports hydraulically controlled brake, steering and suspension functions and, thanks to high Bosch quality, ensures maximum safety and driving comfort.

Brake booster

Always be assured of safe, reliable and easy braking: A Bosch brake booster increases the force the brake pedal exerts, using vacuum and pressure for the most efficient braking.

Brake cables

Drivers must trust their handbrakes so high quality and excellent safety is paramount: Bosch brake cables reliably transfer the braking force of the handbrake to the wheel brakes of the rear axle.

Brake discs

Ensure responsive braking every time: Bosch brake discs have high thermal conductivity, allowing the discs to run cooler for consistent high-performance braking.

Brake drums

Powerful braking capability is critical: Bosch Brake drums deliver even at high load, making them the first-choice replacement when the current drums inside diameter limit is exceeded or cracks occur.

Brake fluid

Ensure the safety, reliability and long lifespan of all brake components: Bosch Brake Fluids can endure high temperatures and contain high quality additives for corrosion-protection and lubrication.

Brake hoses

Always ensure a stable braking performance: Bosch brake hoses are safety-critical, transmitting the hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers and wheel cylinders when the driver steps on the brake.

Brake master cylinder

Essential for high performance braking: Bosch brake master cylinders convert pressure put on a vehicle’s foot brake, into hydraulic pressure that enables the braking system to create the friction to stop the vehicle.

Clutch master cylinder

Vital for supporting a vehicle’s cruise control and start/stop system: Bosch clutch master cylinders transmit hydraulic fluid towards the clutch slave cylinder to ensure safe and leak-free activation of the clutch.

Concentric slave cylinder

High performance reliability: Bosch concentric slave cylinders are expertly designed and made from high quality materials to ensure a long service life and functionality.

Disc brake pads

Peace of mind is guaranteed: Bosch disc brake pads ensure top braking performance with individual solutions for almost all vehicle models thanks to meticulous research, development, production and testing.

Drum brake shoes

Don’t compromise on safety: Bosch drum brake shoes deliver exceptional quality and reliability from being put through strict quality and functional testing for safety, even in extreme conditions.

Kit Pro

Save time and effort ordering: Bosch Kit Pro includes all the components required to replace drum brake shoes and wheel brake cylinders at the same time, which is recommended with their similar service lives.

Kit Super Pro

Save time in the workshop and when ordering parts: Bosch Kit Super Pro includes all components for replacing drum brake shoes and wheel brake cylinders, which are all pre-assembled for huge time savings.

Wheel brake cylinder

Ensure braking systems are always reliable: Bosch wheel brake cylinders are made from specially selected materials focussing on tolerance and tightness for long-standing top performance.