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KTS Truck – Modular diagnostic solution for commercial vehicle workshops

KTS Truck overview

Scope of delivery

KTS Truck overview
KTS Truck

The KTS Truck diagnosis module is a comprehensive diagnostic solution for commercial vehicle workshops. With a fast connection to any workshop PC or laptop, this sturdy tester will optimise your service capability for Europe’s most widely used commercial/light commercial vehicles, trailers and buses.

Matching ESI[tronic] 2.0 Truck software (purchased separately) guides technicians through efficient and effective troubleshooting, regardless of vehicle make or model, helping you to get your customers back on the road in quick time.

More Information

  • Practical USB interface: Connects to all common PCs or laptops – no need to buy a specific ECU diagnostic controller
  • Just one direct connection cable: Plug in and you’re ready to begin ECU diagnosis
  • Universal adapter set: Bosch Easy Connect concept enables straightforward connection to a wide range of commercial vehicle makes and models
  • Intuitive icon-based software display: Clear visual reference for easy selection and configuration of vehicle-specific adapters. Eliminates confusion and non-productive time
  • 100 m-range integrated Bluetooth connection: Operate at maximum efficiency with increased coverage around the workshop
  • Various Bluetooth and adapter accessories available: Tailor the device to the way you work and enjoy the productivity improvements
  • Option to connect to heavy duty DCU 220 convertible notebook: High convenience and great usability with useful integrated handle and tough housing


KTS Truck Diagnostic module specially
for commercial vehicles,
light commercial vehicles,
trailers & buses
KTS Truck
Diagnostic module specially
for commercial vehicles,
light commercial vehicles,
trailers & buses
approx. 0.5 kg
Connections OBD diagnostic cable,
USB, Bluetooth, power
supply unit, operating display
  • KTS Truck with Bluetooth USB adapter
  • OBD diagnostic cable, 0.9m
  • Universal adapter set, 12/24V cigarette lighter cable
  • USB cable, 1.0 m
  • Software DVD
  • Case
USB cable, 5.0 m
1 684 465 563
USB Bluetooth 1.8 m extension for Bluetooth USB adapter
1 684 465 564
USB Bluetooth 3.0 m extension for Bluetooth USB adapter
1 684 465 565
Bracket for Bluetooth USB adapter
1 681 312 005
SD truck adapter set (Volvo, Iveco 3pol., Iveco, MB 14-way, Scania, Renault, MAN TG pin terminal, MAN 2000 series, DAF & Scania pin terminal)
1 687 001 944
SD trailer adapter set (ABS module 1, ABS module 2, Wabco/Knorr ABS/EBS trailer, EB+, ISO 7638)
1 687 001 945
SD bus adapter set (ABS Volvo Bus, ECS Volvo Bus, ZF)
1 687 001 946
Test cable set
1 687 011 208
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