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Quality criterias for cabin filters filtration efficiency of the FILTER+ cabin filter

FILTER+ cabin filter

Cabin filter

Quality testing: Filtration efficiency

An important quality criterion for a cabin filter’s performance is its filtration efficiency or its capacity to filter out particles. Bosch had its FILTER+ and a similar OE filter tested by the independent institute Flatech GmbH, Germany. Measurements were made in accordance with ISO 11155-1.

Test results*

Particulate matter test:

Bosch’s FILTER+ offers highly efficient protection against respirable particulate matter (particle size < 2.5 μm), surpassing even a similar OE filter.

Pollen test (ragweed and birch):

Bosch’s FILTER+ provides the same high degree of efficient protection against allergens as a similar OE filter.

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Workshop Tip

Bosch recommends that you change the cabin filter once a year or every 15,000 km.

Consequences of a clogged filter:

  • Reduced vision from fogged windows, resulting in reduced safety
  • Increased pollutant concentration inside the vehicle
  • Allergic reactions, e.g. sneezing
  • Reduced cooling capacity of the air-conditioning system resulting from deposits on the evaporator

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